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How it Started

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Eversince I came to know of the Doctrine of Salvation, through faith in the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ (that Jesus died on the cross, was buried and rose again the third day), God put this great burden in my heart for souls who know not about this good news of salvation. This simple truth that the sins we're supposed to pay in the Lake of Fire or Hell, ("For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord", Rom.6:23) have already been paid for,..must be shared to each one who don't know about it yet, that they might believe and have salvation for their souls.

Since then, in my early years of being a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ, I tried everything I can to bring this doctrine to everyone, in any way possible.

Until one day, it happened, when a scheduled Bible Study, where about 8 families were supposed to attend, didn't pushed through. because these 8 familes were told that "If you attend that Bible Study and listen to those people, you will be obliged to give 10% of your salaries." (This is what is being pertained to as the Doctrine of Obligatory Tithing!).

Since then, I began to doubt in my heart this doctrine that many pastors and preachers are teaching in the religion where I belong to and in many other various religious groups and denominations. I always beg God in prayers for the real truth about these. Diligently, I seek about it in the Holy Scriptures. I also attend conferences and preachings, even consult other teachers and preachers of various groups of religion, until I came to the full knowledge of the truth that "UNDER THE PRIESTHOOD OF THE LORD JESUS CHRIST, THERE IS NO OBLIGATORY TITHING!" Amen. Glory to God.

From that time on, I can see God's mighty hand working in my life, especially when I need to attend conferences and meet with pastors and preachers, even with Bible school professors of various sects of religion.

Driven by this great desire to propagate this truth, even the Doctrine of Salvation, I went to talk to differrent radio stations until the radio program "KATOTOHANAN AY KALAYAAN" (Truth is Freedom) with sub-title "BIBLIA ANG BATAYAN" (Based on the Bible) started, for the propagation of the teachings of the Word of God.

By God's grace and with the help of fellow workers in the Lord's vineyard, ..although we lack knowledge and without any experience in radio broadcasting, we started the initial broadcasting of the radio program last July 2008 in 2 radio stations i.e., DZXQ -1350khz, Saturdays at 6AM and at DWBL-1242 khz during Sundays at 10PM.

I thank God, first of all, for His guidance and protection as I do every step of this great ministry, Who also pours continous blessings needed for financing all necessary expenses. Second, to my wonderful and loving wife, Sis. Connie, who patiently and whole heartedly supported me in all my works in the ministry, and to our children and son-in-law, Charlene and Ptr. Jay, Jayjay, and Preacher Paul, who always remember me in their prayers.

I also thank Pastors and co-workers in God' vineyard, who bravely stood up for the truth in God's Word inspite of many persecutions and whom God truly used in various ways to help and support me in this great task vested in our shoulders.

I also thank brethren in the Soldiers of Christ Baptist Church in supporting us especially in prayers and who played a great role in my spiritual needs.

Simultaneous with the beginning of radio broadcast, God provided a Billboard which is necessary for the advertisement of the radio program, which is at North Luzon Expressway at Balintawak, Caloocan City. Also, together with this, we started a website ( for the propagation of God's truth in the whole world. Praise be to God!

Truly, the work of God's hand is amazingly great. Nevertheless, brothers and sisters in Christ, please always remember us in your prayers. Also help us by tuning in and telling others about our radio program "KATOTOHANAN AY KALAYAAN" for the propagation of the true will of God and not doctrines of any religion. May God continue to bless and protect us. TO GOD BE THE GLORY, Amen!

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